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June 10, 2017
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What Do Recruiting and Wimbledon Have in Common?


Recruiting and tennis don’t always make it into the same conversations but, no one can deny that hard work and skill are needed to execute both.

The best of the best make it to Wimbledon. Of those top seeds, only the players who dominate on grass courts make it through the draw.

Expertise is key. So is the right fit. Both are needed to win.

In your business, your team members are like those players. They need to be skilled and fit well with your culture in order for them to do their jobs successfully and make you money.

Part-time, full-time, seasonal. No matter the number of hours they work or what their role, they need to be on their game.

Hiring is never easy. We know that’s true from working with hundreds of clients and thousands of job seekers over more than a decade. It’s why we’re ballers on bookkeeping, since we understand the importance of both expertise and fit, and have a bench of all-stars that we assess for compatibility with each of our clients.

Every hire counts. Every person who represents your brand has the power to elevate it or do just the opposite.

How can you win at the hiring game?

  1. Write a tight job description
  2. Get to know your applicants through in-person (or at the very least video-based) interviews
  3. Assess candidates for skill set as well as fit with your organizational culture
  4. Take the process seriously, no matter the role.

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