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We are smart, proactive, professional consultants who partner with you to find solutions to your business challenges. We ask all the right questions and help you move the needle and get results. We work with you and your organization in the following areas:


Jason and Sound Advice did a fantastic job finding a VP of Finance for our company. They went above and beyond to source good candidates, and paid as much attention to cultural fit - which was incredibly important to our organization. I would use Jason and Sound Advice again in a heartbeat!
It was a pleasure knowing and working closely with Jason and Sound Advice over the past year and a half. Jason is a motivated individual who understands the value of time and opportunity. Jason has excellent project management and interpersonal skills that he utilizes effectively to be an integral part of any project he’s involved in.
Jason is a highly energetic go-getter-personality and fun to work with. He and Sound Advice always focused on doing the right thing for their Clients when it comes to delivering the requested talent. I’ve had several conversations on different occasions and impressed with his leadership skills. He has a very broad and deep knowledge regarding talent acquisition with a proven track record. I definitely recommend organizations to consider Sound Advice as a primary vendor of choice.
Jason does a great job at making sure all the details are covered, deadlines are met, and customers are satisfied. His unique RPO model provided companies like ours with rapid recruitment, without sacrificing the quality of service. That proves to be a huge time and cost savings. For the cost of hiring one contract recruiter we will be able to get a team who kept the process moving efficiently and effectively. I look forward to continuing to work with Sound Advice in the future. If you’re looking for someone to help you build your workforce I highly recommend Jason and Sound Advice.
I had the distinct pleasure to do project work with Sound Advice on several occasions. When it comes to detail, follow through, and standard of excellence - Jason/Sound Advice is your man! He more than proved himself to me in the academic environment. When is comes to recruiting Jason is my go to resource. Simply put, I have never worked with a more throughtful resource when it comes to staffing. He knows how to ask the right questions, is able to help define the responsibilities of the role, and understands the importance of organizational culture. His ability to consistently deliver qualified resources has been superb. Over the past 12 months I have used Jason on several occasions and would recommend him - hands down. For all my future staffing needs - Jason is my go to guy!
Jason is an energetic go-getter, whose passion for staffing and Human Resources permeates all he does. He is detailed oriented, while simultaneously focusing on the big picture. Ensuring a positive ROI for his clients is a continual concern. I’ve enjoyed partnering with Jason for the last 8 months, and look forward to sharing a continued, strong relationship with him and Sound Advice.
Jason is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He is thorough, efficient and productive. Jason takes a real interest in your needs, builds a relationship with his clients and puts satisfying the customer over all else.
Jason and I met a few years ago. His honesty and directness were welcome assets that I always look for in a business associate. I have found him to be knowledgeable and helpful regarding human resource issues. I would highly recommend Jason as a person to do business with.
I have had a privilege to work with Jason on several occasions and can say without reservation that he is one of the most dedicated, thorough, and highly energetic individuals I have ever known. Jason is very personable and easy-going. In fact, he is all about understanding the people around him: their interests, their goals, and their desires. He is amazing at building trusting relationships and solving business challenges. He is a good advisor and friend.
Jason knowledge and expertise in the world of consulting and project management were evident in his invaluable contributions during a 5-day intensive workshop to prepare for project management certification. Jason emerged as a leader both inside and outside the workshop. He unselfishly volunteered after hours to work with workshop participants on their resumes and with networking for employment.
Sound Advice has worked with our company from 2006 to present. Jason represents Sound Advice Consulting Services (SACS) with a uniquely high level of professionalism and enthusiasm. He works with us to create recruiting solutions tailored to our needs and expectations. When engaged on a project, Jason’s top priority is to understand the hiring needs as expressed by the recruiting team, and as articulated by the hiring team. He pursues a comprehensive understanding of the job(s) until he is confident SACS can identify candidates who meet our needs. Once found, he is meticulous in his attention to detail in profiling the candidates for our managers in a manner that holistically identifies their strengths and potential limitations. It is always a pleasure to work with Jason and SACS, and I expect to continue working with SACS into the future.
Jason Hill is a true leader. Through hard work and dedication to assist others, Jason has made Sound Advice the success it is today. Jason has always been there for me. He has helped me at every turn by providing both positive and productive insight to further my career. Whenever I needed any advice, he’s always there to fill the gap and helped bring swift closure to all issues. I would highly recommend Jason to help clients find quality resources and those that are looking for work. You can be assured that you are working with Jason, you’re working with the best in his field. For the brief time I’ve worked with him he has changed my life for the better. He will do the same for you and your company.
Jason provides the vital link between his clients and his broad network of project management talent. His direct, open and honest approach elicits trust and open communication. He is self-motivated and would not hesitate to take the lead to maintain momentum. He thinks out-of-the-box and considers multiple approaches to tackling any problem. He draws on his deep knowledge and experience in project management to effectively make a match with the specific needs of his clients using all resources to successfully deliver.
I have known Jason for a number of years starting with my time as Director Talent Acquisition at a fortune 500 firm. Jason provided insight to multiple areas of Talent Acquisition from not only an IT perspective but from a process and procedural perspective. He was fantastic at looking outside the box to form processes that fit the Client’s (me/my manager’s) needs. Not only was Jason a true professional, but he was also a pleasure to work with. I could and still can always count on Jason.
Jason has a unique blend of leadership and vision with a sharp business mind. He understands the marketplace and leverages his extensive project management skills and network to bring the right mix of leadership and resources to any project. In addition, he runs his organization as an extension of himself – professional, knowledgeable and courteous.
I can't thank Jason enough for his help. Being laid off was a tough experience for me but Jason really helped boost my self-esteem. He walked me through all the steps to help me get a job and I landed one a week after I met with him. I have only known him for a short time but he is a very dedicated and understanding individual. I would highly recommend his work to anyone.
Jason hired me as a Senior Technical Writer for a large healthcare technology Client. During the hiring process, Jason went out of his way to offer me helpful resume tips, a wealth of industry-specific information, and a savvy proactive slant that propelled me into action. I am so grateful for his assistance, which was unsolicited, but always surgically on-target. Jason is a smart, motivated individual who shares his prodigious energy with others when and where he perceives a need to help out.
Jason played a key role in getting me a Data Analyst position at a large healthcare technology Client. His timely coordination with the Client helped me to find great opportunity with the Client. I appreciate his follow up calls during my tenure. He is a great person to work with and would work with him again in the future. I am very confident of his managerial skills that will help him succeed further in his career.

Jason was instrumental in helping me to find a new position that fits me very well. He possesses the technical expertise to evaluate and understand an individual’s skills and ensure a win-win for employer and employee. He provides assistance in all aspects, from resume creation through to salary negotiation. If you’re looking for something to better your situation professionally and financially, Jason is your go to guy.
Jason is an excellent recruiter. He is concerned about his Clients’ needs and is willing to go to bat for them. He also has a good understanding of technology in order to know where people might fit best. Very few recruiters keep you as well informed as Jason does. Thank you Jason!